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Developing an Investment Mindset

If you’re seeking a trajectory of wealth creation, buying a house is something you need to look at through the lens of strategy and analysis. Your decisions shouldn’t necessarily be based on what you are emotionally attached to in the moment, but rather on what will offer you the best opportunity for future growth. In fact, as you begin to become a serious investor, it’s more than likely that you will move on to purchasing and living in another residence within just a few years.

Therefore, it might be less ‘dream home’ and more ‘amazing rental returner’ that is actually your right perspective in choosing property. Sunplace is here to educate you on developing an investment mindset. While it might not come naturally, it is the wisest outlook in using property as a vehicle for financial freedom in the long-term. It’s also something that we have learned from our own experience!

Location-based Strategy

Our Approach to Location-based Strategy

Location, Location, Location. You would have heard it said, and it certainly is a truth in the paradigm of property investment. With Sunplace, the difference is that we apply this personally. In pinpointing ‘hot’ property locations, we also look at a variety of individualised factors, such as what sort of property you are looking for, your budget and other personal preferences. We then match these aspects to properties in high growth areas, managing risk and optimising opportunity congruently.

It’s important that you don’t overcapitalise and to know that you are best positioned to maintain your commitment moving forward. We are here to safeguard your purchasing decisions and make sure they are based on a meticulous analysis of your unique financial situation.There is no generic ‘one-size-fits all’ that can be applied to any investment strategy. As well as being based on the best location, we make sure your selections in property are 100% financially grounded.

Infrastructure Analysis

The Importance of Infrastructure

In buying property, it’s crucial to look at access to infrastructure and a forecast of its development, including the expected provision of government budgets. This is one of the key drivers in determining which prospects are likely to deliver higher returns over time. Quantitative and qualitative data supplied by ABS Census and other peak bodies shows us to not only assess locations according to affordability factors and expected rental yields, but also the projected government infrastructure spend.

This gives us the best indication of the performance of a region. Increased jobs and a better quality of life for residents, especially in the areas of transportation, medical facilities and entertainment, means the demand for accommodation will increase dramatically over time. This means a solid investment with a very lucrative return for you.

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