Other Investor’s Stories

The best testament to success is real-life experience. See how we’ve helped newcomer and experienced investors alike achieve their property and financial goals. Everyone is different but our job is to help find the best pathway for you. Read on for some investor stories to inspire!

Joshua, Dentist works in other State, First Home Buyer

Joshua is a young dentist who works in NSW and home is based in Brisbane, he travels back to Brisbane visits families on the weekend. He bought his first home in Brisbane’s prestige suburb with Sunplace while working in other state.

Davide, Associate Professor at University, Investor

Davide is a first generation migration from Italy, he works as a Associate Professor at University.

Joshua & Wan Jung, Young Couple, First Home Buyer

Joshua and Wan Jung are both from overseas and met each other in Australia. Marriage brings up the idea of buying their first home, initially they didn’t have enough deposit, but with Sunplace strategy and planning, they finally moved into their new home by this June 2021!

Joy Tang, Young Business Owner, Investor

Joy is a young business owner, running her own beauty business since young age. Investment is always something she wanted to do over years but due to time poor she didn’t have chance to start it before she met Sunplace.

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