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Benefits of Sunplace Members

Ongoing Support From The Team

Maximise Your Market Potential

We work hard to maintain our close relationships with developers, meaning exclusive access to premarket properties.

Find Peace Of Mind.

We provide a rental guarantee based on market indicators. Plus, a yearly valuation report is free-of-charge to you.

Benefit From All Inclusions

Find help with loans and negotiation. You can take advantage of our professional property management services.

Get The VIP Treatment

Once you’ve engaged our services, professional assistance is only ever a phone call away. Whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Choosing Sunplace Members

What Your Membership Offers You

What is the best investment strategy for your individual circumstances and goals? That’s the question we answer in-depth for our Sunplace members. We select from a variety of investment property strategies and carefully tailor solutions to your needs. It’s about finding the best way forward and working with what you already have at your disposal. Keeping in mind that everyone is different, take a look at our case studies for some more inspiration!

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