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Why Choose Sunplace

A Career for Growth

Uncapped potential

Envision what you can achieve, earn and invest and we can provide the support to help make it happen.

Support to grow

Sunplace provides a rare platform where every team member has the opportunity to work with and learn from seasoned investors.

Build on a strongly ethical foundation

Our focus on ethical practice means you will share in our co founders' commitment to improving others’ lives.

Surrounded by Supportive Peers

Encouraging Environment
to Help You Grow!

Did you know that only a short time after being immersed in our wealth of strategy and culture, our employees are equipped to establish a property portfolio of their very own? This is one of the top advantages of working for Sunplace!

We believe that the learning process is an everyday necessity. So when you work for us you will receive ongoing training, coaching and mentoring to ensure you thrive in a highly competitive industry. Sunplace will give you the appropriate tools to help you achieve a level of financial security you might never have thought possible!

We’re always looking to
grow our team!

We provide you with the support you need to succeed in the property industry.