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Before you really look at any new investment opportunity you have to consider a whole host of pre-requisites. Including how much will the bank lend you, your percentage of deposit available and types of strategy you will use to make things happen. There are many different ways to invest. But if you don’t quite grasp all the ins-and-outs of negative gearing, positive cash flow and more, then come and see us at Sunplace for experienced advice and careful guidance for investors.

First Time Investors

Help for First
Time Investors

For those who might have previously considered property investment out of their reach, there’s a new level of confidence and freedom that we can open you up to. We undertake in-depth research to benefit your initial investment/s: identify growth drivers, exploring property market influencers and making use of official forecasts and studies to assess the best suburbs for property investment in Brisbane.

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Established Investors

Strategies for
Established Investors

We understand that established investors are looking for better and less-time consuming ways to manage an already substantial property portfolio. Delegating this responsibility can make a whole lot of sense, especially since you free up a considerable amount of time to focus on other things, like your family, your business and your recreational pursuits. We provide property management, utilise tax depreciation methods and offer many other services and strategies to optimise your investments even further.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the ‘hot’ place to buy?

In a lot of ways, it’s not really about those ‘hot’ locations. Rather, it’s about finding those opportunities that represent a stable ongoing investment. We use the mnemonic device ‘PIE’ to explain this. P being Population Growth; I being Infrastructure and E being Employment. A property located in areas experiencing growth across these key indicators is definitely a property you will want to look at!


When is a good time to buy?

There is no perfect moment to undertake a lot of life’s big moments and the same holds true when buying property. There will never be an ideal market that can satisfy all criteria. At Sunplace, we take the moment and make it perfect. It’s all about seizing opportunities and we are here to show you the right ones, alongside proven strategies to make the most of any given situation. Why wait any longer to start working on your dreams? 

How can I buy multiple properties?

This is certainly the goal of property investment, ie. to hold a rich and diversified portfolio in the long-term. Our professional coaching service is built on our years of experience in the property industry. You can rely on us to help you stay-the-course: you are in no danger of overcapitalising or overwhelming yourself in the process. We are here to share our strategies for stable growth with you, so your inevitable success arrives in the smoothest and most stress-free fashion. 

Where is the market heading to?

The property market will always experience its ups and downs and there are always various advantages and disadvantages presented to both buyer and seller at different times. You can read more about our in-depth research on the market/key trends in our blog section and keep up to date for yourself. 


Is it better to buy old or new?

It is always up to you, however, there are definite incentives to buying new and these often come in the form of government grants and better taxation returns. In general, you can expect rental income to be higher with a new property versus old and this can put you in a far better position to continue your investment journey. New properties also come with structural warranties and on average cost far less to maintain. Our responsibility is to advise you on the pros and cons of your options in property investment so feel free to contact us to find out more.