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Financial Assessment

Your Financial Future Starts Here

With the help of Sunplace, your brightest financial future starts with your personalised one-on-one consultation. Come and see us for a financial assessment and we will facilitate an individualised strategy that overcomes any roadblocks and optimises your potential in building a property portfolio. 

Your financial assessment is a fact-finding mission. We will look at things like your borrowing capacity, income and other factors such as job stability to provide you with a plan that is customised to meet your financial goals. From here, we can find the best way to leverage your circumstances in order to manage cash flow and boost capital gain. 

Financial Wellbeing

A Health Check for Your Finances

Our assistance doesn’t just stop after the ink is dried on your property contract. We’re always here to look after your financial wellbeing, and that involves our yearly health checks. For those who already have property, we will look at your current policy to make sure it is still working for you. People often get busy with work and life in general, and sometimes they don’t keep on top of the process of optimising their loan rates (particularly after the initial term expiry).

We are here to make sure nothing falls through the cracks financially and can potentially save you a considerable amount of money in this process. Additionally, we can help to restructure an existing portfolio where it is unbalanced. If you’re feeling unsure about your current financial footing, just ask us how we can help!

Tax Management

Strategies in Taxation That Give Back

We work closely with our qualified accountant to provide you with strategies in taxation that give back and work toward positive cash flow. A depreciation schedule will allow you to claim a range of deductions based on your investment property when you complete your tax return. Some examples include interest on loans, rental expenses (like council rates), insurance and more.

Plus, you’ll actually benefit from taxation when your property is negatively geared. It’s all about making the most of deductions to make your income tax work for you as a property investor. Sunplace provides this service as your trusted facilitator.

Invest In Your Future Today

If you’ve been thinking about making some smart investments for your future, why hold off any longer?

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