Dr. Chris and Cindy Aubrey, Medical Specialist, Experienced Investor


  • Medical Specialist
  • Original 4 investment
  • Properties
  • Purchased 3 Properties with
  • Linna Reakes
  • 2 properties with another company
  • In total 9 properties
  • A family of 4, 2 young children

The Aubrey Family

Chris and Cindy Aubrey are Surgical Assistants working in multiple private hospitals in Brisbane. Originally from far north Queensland, Chris and Cindy moved to Brisbane for work, and have a young family of 2 kids, aged 4 and 6. Prior to investing with Linna Reakes, they already owned 4 investment properties which are scattered around Queensland, Western Australia, and New South Wales, along with a Victorian property in their SMSF. They had worked with another service and acquired 2 other properties, before coming to Linna Reakes.

Step In The Right Direction

After deciding to seek further assistance with property investment, Chris and Cindy sat down to talk with Brisbane based strategist, Linna Reakes, who tuned in to what they wanted to accomplish. Taking the extra step to aiding them further by inviting them to join educational events and property investment seminars. Linna gave a strong hands-on approach with the Aubrey family, following Sunplace’s Key principles, ensuring that they would receive the best services that achieves results working with the resources available, reassuring you this is a company you can trust.

Getting You To Your Goal

Chris and Cindy were already certain about what quality of property they were focusing on when they met with Linna Reakes. They had their own goal and ambitions already set. Linna, of course, tailored her search to their desire and helped them achieve their goal. Finding a bundle situated in South East Queensland which met our criteria. We likewise bought 2 different units in Brisbane, which give great income and promising capital growth. Linna understood her clients’ needs and delivered up to their expectations.

Through our well-developed consultation system, Investors can establish a diversified property portfolio based on their situation within a short period of time. By building up the rental yield, it is not just to increase passive income, but also to help hold the property for future capital growth.

Following Through

Chris and Cindy understand that the performance of the property is important, but ongoing service and support is what makes a real difference. Linna’s clients receive the best ongoing support, to assist with all their property investment needs. All successful investors understand they need a supportive team of professionals around them to save time, reduce the risk of failure and maximize long term success.

“But it’s also about communication and follow up. There’s good follow up; Linna is great, and the property management service has been good, no problems at all. We’re very happy with the care we’re getting as customers and in our portfolio management. And now that we’ve built a decent portfolio, we’re looking at managing that over the long term.”

Sunplace Principles

At SunPlace, it’s our mission to help our customers achieve long term financial wellbeing through smart property investment with delicate and tailored client care.

We want to educate our investors on how to create wealth and see the possibility of property investment from our own experience. Guide our clients to understand why we should invest, how to invest, how to avoid mistakes, and ultimately contribute to establishing passive income over the long term.

Our clients receive ongoing support from an experienced, local property strategist to assist with all their property investment needs. Successful investors understand they need a supportive team of professionals around them to save time, reduce the risk of failure and maximize long term success. We assist investors throughout their investment journey, offering sound strategies, cutting edge tools, the latest property market research and ongoing professional support.

Sunplace provides high-quality service around residential properties in Australia, either you are a first-time investor, experienced investor or owner occupier, we all provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Sunplace is the one-stop real estate company for creating your investment journey, financial goals and reliable service.