Ali, Engineer, Newcomer Investor


  • Young with Promising career
  • No investment properties and experience
  • Interest in a passive income
  • First time home buyer

Ali was a young Engineer, with no investment experience or any long term financial goals. Earning 92k per year, living a very luxury lifestyle, although incurring a 64k debt. Owning a name brand expensive car, living in a luxurious 1 bedroom apartment, as well as renting his television, washing machine and dryer. After being introduced to Linna Reakes he learned how he could put his income to better use, investing it. He showed interest in starting an investment portfolio, but lacked any serious experience in this industry. He met with Linna and together they worked out an achievable long term goal, tailored to him.

Step In The Right Direction

Working with Linna Reakes, together they were able to evaluate this case and take on board his whole financial situation and goals, not just looking at his ability to access funds to purchase a property. Tailoring to his situation and evaluating the market, with the support of an experienced investment strategist, Ali’s goal was set.

Property investment may be available to anyone, but can be only sought when circumstances deem it reasonable. In reality, investment is not pressing and will rarely pass our consideration. People are so busy with their daily life, and most of the time decide other things as higher priorities without thinking long term.

Getting You To Your Goal

After meeting with Linna Reakes, with an interest in investment properties, they together found a project suitable for him. Providing him a long term goal to work towards, aiming to reduce his debt and increase his annual income. Ali being a first home buyer made him eligible for certain prilgies. They set their eyes on the investment property in Riverlight, which would be ready for acquisition in 2 years. This gave him a goal and the time to work for it.

Results showed in just 6 months, halving his debt, increasing his on-hand cash and annual income. He worked hard, traded his car for a Mazda and reduced his excessive spending on his unsustainable lifestyle. In just 2 years, Ali was able to increase his annual income to 115k and cleared his debt and had the initial start-up cash of 15k on hand for investment. Ali was able to achieve the optimal financial position so that he would be ready to invest, securing the Riverlight East Hamilton Reach.

Following Through

Providing aftercare and continuous support for clients even after securing a property, is a fundamental principle of Sunplace. Linna Reakes followed up with Ali. Not a year after the acquisition of the investment property, Linna continued her services. Helping him with future tancey and educating him on related regulation and criteria, in order to create a steady reliable profit from the investment property.

Sunplace Principles

At SunPlace, it’s our mission to help our customers achieve long term financial wellbeing through smart property investment with delicate and tailored client care.

Therefore, we want to educate our investors on how to create wealth and see the possibility of property investment from our own experience. Guide our clients to understand why we should invest, how to invest, how to avoid mistakes, and ultimately contribute to establishing passive income over the long term.

Our clients receive ongoing support from an experienced, local property strategist to assist with all their property investment needs. Successful investors understand they need a supportive team of professionals around them to save time, reduce the risk of failure and maximize long term success. We assist investors throughout their investment journey, offering sound strategies, cutting edge tools, the latest property market research and ongoing professional support.

Sunplace provides high-quality service around residential properties in Australia, either you are a first-time investor, experienced investor or owner occupier, we all provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Sunplace is the one-stop real estate company for creating your investment journey, financial goals and reliable service.